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Cipzer Shilajt resin is attained through a natural process it is tar-like substance containing high protein, along with many essential minerals. Shilajit is an very effective product to boost your immune system naturally.

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  • Improves body’s immunity and memory.
  • Fight with general debility and weakness.
  • Helps to provide physical power.
  • An Antioxidant to improves your body’s immunity, memory, act as energy booster and fight with general debility and weakness.
  • It also helps in men by improving their strength and stamina.


Shilajit helps to increase energy,stamina and power, may help in reducing weakness and may also be helpful in increasing the physical performance by keeping you active and alert all through the day.

It is recommended to take Shilajit, two times a day, after breakfast and dinner, with lukewarm water or milk.


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